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The basic structure of an hairpiece can be broken down into the following components and customers can always mix and match the different variables within each component to create their ideal hairpiece: Please do not hesitate to contact us with questions about customizing your base design. Our consultants are eager to help you to make the best choice to fit your individual needs as well as lifestyle.



For base we mean the material on which the hair of the hairpiece has been incorporated.
Everyone has a different lifestyle and consequently there are several different types of bases:

The Undetectable Lace Front Hairline Base

Lace is the most undetectable material used in hairpieces. Once placed on your scalp,
there is no discernable netting to signal that the hair on your head is not the hair you were born with. The lace foundation disappears as it touches your skin and it gives the appearance of hair growing out of your scalp.

Super Fine Swiss Lace: is the thinnest and most delicate lace available and can be used for the front hairline,it can also be used for the entire base and it virtually invisible.

Swiss Lace: is a little thicker than the Super Fine Swiss but does disappear on the scalp very well and is more durable than the Super Fine Swiss.Undetectable

French Lace: is highly recommended and is a good choice base designs. It is very durable and has good disappearing qualities on the front hairline. It is available in several colors.
If the color is properly matched to your own skin tone, it  is very undetectable

Lace in the front:

Lace Front - This is the newest rage in modern hair replacements. A very thin French Lace or Welded Mono Lace is placed on the front of the unit from temple to temple and back about 2"-3" or so. The lace is invisible to the eye and hair appears to be growing from the scalp, even with up close scrutiny.



  • Most natural
  • Glued down well is undetectable both to the sight and touch
  • Delicate material
  • Need periodic maintenance
  • Short life span (wears up to 6 months before repairs to system are needed)

Lace throughout the entire base:



  • Most breathable
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Glued down well is undetectable both to the sight and touch
  • Delicate  material
  • Less maintenance  than thin skin
  • Short life span  (wears up to 6 months before repairs to system are needed)

Lace + Thin skin Poly strip (around sides and back)
Thin skin Poly strip is used around the perimeter of lace bases so glue or tape can be applied.
It is very thin and difficult to detect, even when touching.



  • Tapes and strong adhesives can be used on the poly strip
  • Poly strip is more detectable to the touch than lace

Lace + Poly gauze (around sides and back)
Poly gauze is used around the perimeter of lace bases so glue or tape can be applied.
It is more durable and thicker than thin skin and a little more detectable to the touch .



  • Tapes and strong adhesives can be used on the poly gauze
  • Poly gauze is more detectable to the touch than poly strip

Lace front + Thin skin base



  • Natural frontal hairline
  • Easy and short maintenance with tapes and strong adhesives
  • Thin skin  base is less breathable than lace and can't accept hair density over 85%

Lace front + Poly skin base



  • Natural frontal hairline
  • Easy and short maintenance with tapes and strong adhesives
  • Resistant base
  • Poly skin base is less breathable than thin skin and more detectable to the touch


Thin skin
Thin skin is a very thin poly material and can be used for bases and fronts. This type of base looks very natural when hair is injected into it. Thin skin can also be used around the perimeter of lace bases so tape can be applied to it. It is very thin and is very difficult to detect it with touch .



  • Easy and short maintenance with tapes and/or strong adhesives
  • Natural appearance also in the frontal area
  • Longer life span (8-12 months)
  • Less breathable than lace
  • Less natural than lace in the frontal area
  • Can't accept hair density over 85%

Poly skin
This base is constructed of a thin layer of permeable skin whereby the hair is injected or knotted into it at pre-determined angles to replicate the lift and naturalness of real hair. More durable, resistant and thicker material than thin skin and can be used for heavy hair densities. Injected and knotted hair into poly skin again does look very natural, but is easier to detect to the touch than thin skin.



  • Easy and short maintenance with tapes and strong adhesives
  • Accept heavy hair densities
  • Ideal for very extended wear
  • Longer life span (1-2 years)
  • Less breathable than lace
  • Less detectable to the touch than thin skin
  • Not a good choice as base in the frontal area for a natural-looking hairline

Fine Mono in the base
Fine monofilament base allows the scalp to breath easily and provides good natural look. More strong and durable than lace.   Is used mostly in the top areas to give a skin type appearance.



  • Excellent breathability
  • Accept heavy hair densities
  • Good Life span (1 year)
  • Hair knots don't need to be bleached
  • Less natural to the touch than lace 
  • Less durable than poly skin
  • Not a good choice as base in the frontal area for a natural-looking hairline


Non Remy Hair - This hair has gone through an acid bath stripping most of the cuticle from the hair.  

Remy Human Hair- (recommended for all hair types) Remy hair is of Indian origin collected from various temples in India, where people go and offer their hair to Lord Tirumala in reverence. The specialty of this hair is that when the hair is cut from the devotees head, they are cut in a pony tail or braided form thus keeping all the cuticles in the same direction. The Remy hair when used properly in hair ventilation of hair pieces or on a weft do not tangle and have a smooth feeling when you run your finger from top to bottom. This is hair that does NOT go through an acid bath. Because it still has the cuticle on it is stronger than regular hair used in hair pieces. This is the best quality hair for all hair types. It is great for those who can not afford Russian European hair.


Russian European Human Hair- Price per unit $1199.00
This hair is truly the most beautiful fine European hair available in the world. It is NOT imitation THIS CAUCASIAN HAIR HAS NOT BEEN CHEMICALLY PROCESSED AT ALL. It has only been combed out and ran through a hackle and GENTLY COLORED TO YOUR DESIRED COLOR. There is very little waste. This hair is very desirable. This is the finest European human hair available in the world. Salons charge their clients hundreds and even thousands more just to have this type of hair used for hair systems. This is the hair that movie stars and wealthy individuals use. It is so nice that everybody who tries it loves it. Because it is real european hair, it not available past 14" long.

Curl Patterns:







Hair length and color
Length is entirely pt to the customer's discretion.  Any length can be obtained up to 26 inches. Additional fees are applied for all lengths over 8 inches. Again, the color is entirely up to the customer. We can create hundreds of color combinations at no additional charge.

Hair Density

Hair Knotting and Bleaching
Natural single hair knotting is standard on all Top lace front hairlines unless otherwise requested . All Bleached knots are added per requested. Bleach Knotting means the knots have been lighten to give a more natural appearance.

Remy Hair
Human hair collected directly from a hair donor is Remy Hair. It is sometimes referred to as Cuticle & Cut Hair. The majority of human hair sold over the counter is non-cuticle hair. Over the counter hair cuticle has been stripped by using an acid-bath. With Remy hair, we do not do this so the hair cuticle remains intact which ensures the cuticle layers are aligned in the same direction. The hair is stronger with great luster and has the potential to last MUCH longer if properly maintained. The most impressive advantage of Remy hair is tangle-free and a longer life.

Attachment refers to how the hair system is attached to your scalp or balding area. The two most commonly used attachment methods are double sided tapes and liquid adhesives. Which product to use is just a matter of preference. In most cases, customers can use either the tape or the bonding or even a combination of both depending on the customer's lifestyles and the type of bases.. If someone is very active and constantly engages in sports or lives in extreme climatic conditions (wind,rain,strong sun, ecc) then it is important to choose an attachment that offers the maximum hold. On the other hand, if someone is more concerned about breathability of the scalp and being able to cleanse the scalp on a regular basis, then it is important to choose an attachment method that allows easy clean up and maintenance.  Tapes are doublesided . They are sticky on both sides  and they have a backing that must be peeled off and are generally suited for daily or short term use where the customer can remove the hair system and the tapes at night and reattach the next day. This allows for daily clean up of the scalp and the hair system. Liquid adhesives are generally more suitable for extended wearing for over a couple of days or even longer.


Diva's Ultimate Hold Adhesive: Excellent medical grade formulated acrylic adhesive. Used mostly on poly and is regarded as the strongest adhesive available holding up to 4 weeks. Can also be used on lace for a strong hold, but does give a little shine through the lace.

Diva Touch Up: Medical grade formulated acrylic adhesive. It is a soft bond extended wear adhesive not as strong as Diva's Ulitmate Hold Adhesive but does hold for up to 3-4 weeks on poly. Can be used on lace can have a shiny appearance.


Contoured Tape is available in many contours (A, AA, B, BB, C, CC and D).It's ideal for attaching the entire front and sides/back.

Tape Rolls are ideal for cutting lengths of tape to your exact specifications. Our Diva's  Blue Liner Tape can last up to 4 weeks.

Daily Wear Lace support tapes can be placed onto the lace under hair density to give a little more hold, but should be used right at the front hairline as they will show through. They can be used on poly perimeters and give a medium for up to 3 days.

Diva Bella Elite II Tape Roll 
This new transparent tape is one of the strongest, most durable double-sided tape on the market today. It can last up to 3-4 weeks without the use of other adhesives. This product consists of a fiber filled hypoallergenic pressure-sensitive adhesive. 

Diva Scalp Protector
If you are have sensitive skin, oily skin or excessive perspiration it helps to prevent irritation of scalp due to tape, excess unit wear, adhesives, allergic reaction. It forms a tough, thin, protective barrier, which will wear off gradually over 2 to 3 days but will not dissolve in the scalp's perspirations. The tape and adhesives will adhere better and last longer. It helps to prevent tape from getting gummy.

Diva Citrus Solvent: Fast acting but gentle to skin. Avoid contact with eyes.

Diva Lace Up: This solvent reduces the chance of damaging lace frontal .Adhesive residue remains on scalp not on hairpiece. Non-oily

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